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Attract the Right Visitors – Website Checklist

Google and other search engines rank your website on multiple factors…

  • Matching keywords
  • Working links
  • Original and relevant content
  • Engagement by visitors
  • And much more…

Is your website working correctly to attract the right audience? You need solid inbound marketing to attract new business and job candidates. To do that, your website needs to be technically up-to-date and secure.

An outdated site means:

  • Fewer new web visitors
  • Referred business leads going elsewhere
  • Potential candidates choosing another company
  • Competitors gaining market share

When we work with clients, we have achieved these results.

Ranking #1 for popular industry keywords

84% increase in web traffic through optimized ad campaigns

Multiple leads from a niche industry questionnaire

Improve Your Website Results

To see how your website stacks up for visitor search and security, download our free Website Checklist. It includes a simple list of questions to help you identify gaps in your website structure and how to fix them.

Yes, I want more of the right visitors to my website.

The website creates a great first impression and provides valuable information.

- CPA Firm Administrator

They had very good suggestions to bring in more candidates and brand ourselves better.

- CPA Firm Director of Operations

…went above and beyond.

- Client since 2020