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Google Certified Consulting

Build Your Advantage with GA4

Since the Google “GA4” transition, your Engagement and Events are critical for digital marketing strategy and SEO analytics. What else should you do?

  • Make sure your GA4 set-up is correct and complete.
  • Add the right engagement and event metrics that match visitor behavior.
  • Test, monitor and translate visitor data into marketing wins and opportunities.

Take Charge of Google Analytics 4.0. You have options.

GA4 Introductory Set-up & Consulting
One-Time Fee: $1,000

  • Integrate Search Console
  • Set up Tag Manager
  • Test and toggle the right “Events”
  • Add GTM codes
  • Set up Looker Studio
  • Collect data for 2 weeks
  • Consulting call to discuss reports/results, offering clear next steps in your digital strategy

GA4 Quarterly SEO Reporting & Consulting
$750 per quarter retainer or as requested

  • SEO Rank tracking
  • Keyword recommendations
  • Geographic enhancements
  • Visitor engagement analysis
  • Social network leads analysis
  • Content recommendations (for keyword ranking)
  • 1 hour consultation each quarter to translate the data into actionable marketing and leads pursuit
  • Accessible Q and A as needed

Accelerate your digital marketing results.

Collaborate with an accessible Google Analytics Certified specialist who understands B2B professional services marketing.

****Don’t wait! These introductory offers are for a limited time. Contact us using the form below or schedule your complimentary appointment right now to discuss your digital marketing challenges, goals and preferences. Options are great, right?

Dawn Wagenaar
Consultant & Principal

“I will confirm your GA4 needs so you can get started with our in-house, Google Certified consultant, Shannon Bohnen, to maximize your analytics. I look forward to speaking with you.”