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Are They Really Happy?
Brand Positioning Solutions

Get them to tell you the truth.

You can ask clients and employees about their general satisfaction, but in our experience this doesn’t go deep enough to determine why they choose you or stay with you. Plus, hidden dissatisfaction affects your brand because they WILL tell others about it.

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96% of unhappy clients will not complain; they will simply leave.

– Forbes

“An unclear purpose (brand), leads to breakdowns in client service.”

– McKinsey

“Employees need psychological safety to tell the truth.”

– SHRM Executive

Show them you care NOW.

Conduct in-depth employee and client interviews through Ingenuity Marketing Group. Strengthen your brand by finding out why people might leave your organization. Our interviews offer a proven difference:

  • Objective, psychological safety
  • Questions customized to your audience
  • Interview tactics journalists use to obtain honest, detailed answers
  • Action items to strengthen your brand difference & culture
  • Testimonials to use in marketing & recruitment
  • Less cost & more profit


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  • 3 CLIENT interviews
  • Transcripts
  • Approved testimonials


  • 3 EMPLOYEE interviews
  • Transcripts
  • Approved testimonials

A 5% decrease in client defection rates can increase profits by up to 95%

Bain & Company