Why innovation is more important than ever

Innovation builds trust. This doesn’t mean that your company needs to be constantly innovating your services and processes if that’s not part of your core brand. It does mean that your marketing materials from your website to your collateral and tradeshow presence need to convey that your firm is ahead of the curve.

In her recent book “Decoding the New Consumer Mind,” Kit Yarrow says about companies that use technology and innovation in their marketing: “I’ve found that consumers view these companies as smarter and cooler, and feel that they are trying hard to meet their (the consumer’s) needs, and think their products are superior.”

This is true in professional services as well as for consumer products, especially because the buyers of your services are also often shopping online at websites that are raising the bar for online experience across the board. Think about what a person feels if they’ve been shopping on Amazon.com and then comes to your firm’s site and it looks like it was designed ten years ago, takes forever to load and is hard to navigate.

Yarrow also says, “In my research, I’ve found that we’re not only more trusting of new things but also increasingly wary of brands and products that don’t innovate. … For the first time, heritage can be baggage.”

A generation that grew up with technological innovation is rising up the ranks in the businesses that buy your services. They put more trust in brands like Apple than in those that are a hundred years old or more. This doesn’t mean you can’t talk about your firm’s history, only that it’s no longer enough. Show that you understand the power of innovation and you’ll build trust with your prospects and clients.