Two Things That Turn off Top Recruits

First impressions matter. In a recent survey in Accounting Today, young staffers at several accounting firms overwhelmingly agreed that they chose their firm based on how much they liked the partners in the initial interview (as well as location). And you thought you were choosing them!

They also noted that they didn’t see much difference between one firm or another when it came to their services, benefits or training programs.

This impresses a couple points that tie to the brand and culture of your firm. Top recruits don’t need a laundry list of benefits. They need an experience. Secondly, if your interview team is rushed, stiff or unprepared with great questions, you will lose.

Any candidate worth his or her salt will check out your website and materials before applying. They may even talk to people at the firm to get a sense of its culture. Are you prepared to wow top candidates? If recruitment is still a worry without a plan, you may be spending too much time and money at career fairs and not enough on what candidates actually care about – will they like working for you and why?

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