Our Top 5 Favorite Articles this Month

What are you reading, watching or listening to? From how to use personas to managing multiple offices, here are Ingenuity’s top content picks for April:

Top 10 Challenges of Managing Multiple Accounting Offices

Consolidation in the accounting industry has resulted in more accounting firms juggling multiple locations.

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3 Reasons to Use Personas in Professional Services Marketing

Find out what personas are and how they impact your sales process and your firm’s ability to deliver great customer service.

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Branding. The ‘B’ word must be handled with care, inside and outside firm

Outside of the marketing department, branding can conjure many images, not all accurate or helpful to company results. To confuse matters more, branding inside the company is often different from branding outside the company.

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Mastering the Un-Manageable Magic of Millennials

Listen to the director of human resources at a regional CPA firm talk about some of the staffing issues companies are having today.

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