Top 10 Uses for the Leftover Marketing Budget

We are counting down to the end of 2015. Marketers and partners are busy planning for 2016, but may have a few marketing dollars left to spend this year. Don’t miss a great opportunity. Here are some suggestions for useful and powerful ways to get that last bit of value.

1. SEO Update.

Generic search engine optimization (SEO) advice is nearly worthless. The expert you hire must understand how your buyers select your services. Ingenuity can examine your keywords and those of your closest competitors so you can see how your website stacks up when people search specifically for professional services. The goal is to select new keywords and weave them into your website and other online content to show up better on Google and other search engines…to get qualified leads.

2. Competitive Analysis.

Surprise your partners — and competition — with your astute knowledge of the market to show up in the places they haven’t even considered. Ingenuity frequently does competitive analysis for professional service firms (and even secret shopping).

3. Social Media Strategy.

Social posting is easy. What’s hard is being relevant and actually getting people to follow you and rely on you regularly for information. Ingenuity researches articles that fit your audience, then we help you schedule it out for the entire month with our easy tools.  Make social media easy and actually useful for nurturing leads.

4. Personal LinkedIn Tutors.

Have you tried and tried to get partners on LinkedIn? If you know it is time for you to use this valuable business tool, or you are trying to convince others to use it consistently, our social media coaches can help you set up profiles with one-on-one tutoring, understand privacy settings and use LinkedIn to generate new business.

5. Photos.

Bios of partners are one of the most searched parts of your website. Trash any “IT guy put you up against a wall and snapped a picture” photos and replace them with great portraits. By the time someone is on your website, there is interest in buying. Make sure your photos convey a sense of trust that satisfies the emotional piece of buying a service.

6. Bio Updates.

Website bios can be a powerful tool for both search engines and people, or a bulleted list that helps neither. Have a professional writer retool your bio so that it not only conveys your credentials and experience, but also helps your personality and commitments shine through. People do want to like the people they buy from. A great bio makes you likeable and credible.

7. Fresh Projects or Case Studies.

It is easy to forget these important parts of your website and market position. If people are looking at projects or case studies, they are in a buying mood. Update yours with excellent photos and compelling descriptions. Our writers add the sizzle with the right SEO keywords.

8. Tailored Blogging.

Excellent, custom-written content says, “we are smart and we are good.” It also tells search engines you are relevant. Make it easy on your professionals by hiring our ghostwriters to interview you and write pithy, brilliant prose on what you know. Have a stockpile of evergreen posts customized for your firm, ready to use for PR, business development or web SEO.

9. Marketing Plan Review.

Many firms update this year’s plan from last year’s plan; it’s a good idea if you want the same results. Why not let some of the marketing directors or CMOs at Ingenuity review your plan and make some suggestions? For a small fee, you can get award-winning advice and help with creating and pitching a persuasive and useful marketing plan.

10. Talent Brand.

Recruiting is one of the biggest pains in the industries we serve. Take what you have as a firm brand, but focus on key messages, images and ideas to appeal to professionals who might like to work with you. Then launch it internally and externally at your firm. We have optimized talent brands in 2015, and know it is also a hot item for 2016.

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