Three Video Blog Topics to Boost Traffic

Videos are easy for people to share and easy to consume. With today’s technology it’s relatively easy to create videos, and good videographers are just a call away. Often in the professional services field, the product or service doesn’t seem “flashy” enough to generate entertaining video content. This is a common misconception. Here are some topics for video blogs to incorporate into your blog.

1. Video Case Study

Remember all those case studies you created and put onto your website? Have the project team talk about the work. Showcase the results your firm produces, and allow some personality to come through.

2. Tutorials and Demos

Does your firm offer a really great product or tool that’s different than any other firm? Do you have a unique approach to your services? Put together a video blog and show it off! Think about what your viewers need to know and create a script to showcase the information in your video.

3. Present research or predictions

If there’s recent research – which you’ve done or that others have done – that pertains to your business, share it as a video. Keep the video short but present your viewers with a direct call to action such as downloading the full report.

See our example of a video blog.