Three Secrets to a
Successful Brand

Branding: it’s who you are. A strong brand differentiates your firm from your competitors, gives your company personality, and keeps your customers coming back. Call it your image, your reputation, your market position — whatever makes you comfortable. The goals are the same: visibility, credibility and a competitive edge.

Take a look at your top competitors. What are they promising to customers and how well do they deliver the promise? If you can’t think of anything, you know why developing a brand is essential. Here are our three secrets for branding success.

Secret #1 – Value Proposition

What really sets you apart? Sure, every company is focused on their clients, builds relationships and is an expert in their field. This is valuable – but to set your company apart, you need something else. To get a sense of your value proposition, ask people what your company is known for in the market. Listen to how they describe it. Gather this information through client interviews.

Secret #2 – Buyer Personas

A persona is a fictional person who represents your target market. If you haven’t made personas for your ideal client, now is the time to do it. Using your A-list targets, determine who you’re marketing to and how to reach them. The more specific you can get, the better. Personas include key points about your audience’s expectations, fears, risks, and influence. Getting clear on your target audience helps to drive your entire marketing strategy. View our video.

Secret #3 – Share the Proof

You can talk all about your value proposition to your buyer personas, but you’ll get nowhere without proof of your success. Show them the proof that your firm will find money that another firm won’t, your firm moves quickly, or your company produces real results.

Create case studies with your most successful clients and showcase them on your website. This shows exactly what you were hired for, how you completed the work, and what results were produced.

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