The secret to connecting in an online world


One word you might see a lot of in marketing circles is “authenticity” – usually touted as the secret to succeeding online with prospects. But what does it really mean? You clearly don’t want to show the world everything about your firm, so how do you choose what to show and what not to show?

What you want to do is to express the core values of your firm in a way that invites prospects to connect with you and to experience belonging because they share those values with you.

In “Decoding the New Consumer Mind,” Kit Yarrow states, “Our need to belong and connect is rooted in survival.” She goes on to say, “Consumers want to trust. It’s in our nature to want to ‘trade’ with confidence—it’s easier and faster, and feels better. Because consumers often feel burned, wary, unseen, and disrespected (not just by businesses …), the businesses that exhibit compassion, humanity, and personality have a magnificent opportunity to connect—deeply.”

Your firm’s online presence has to be deeply rooted in what your firm is at its core. When prospects see consistent messages from your firm that reflect a set of values resonant through all levels of what you do, it builds trust and makes them want to work with you – if they have the same values. And if they don’t, do you really want them as clients?

What are your values? It’s not services, quality and years of knowledge. Everyone has that.

There are many ways to discover your values, your core brands – and firms you can hire to help you do just that – but we’ll leave you with one exercise you can do today that will help you explore your core values: come up with a list of cars, celebrities and songs that are a distinctly bad fit for your firm. Now talk about why they don’t fit. In the negatives you’ll learn a lot about who you really are and why you’re different from your competitors.

Using those messages, emotionally, through all stages of the buying cycle, while you make it easy for your prospects to consider and choose you – this is what cuts through the swirl of content in the world today.

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