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7 Tips for Writing Winning Proposals

Seven tips from our team on writing winning proposals.

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7 Proposal Writing Tips

7 Tips for Writing Winning Proposals

7 Proposal Writing TipsWriting a proposal can be a daunting, but very important, task. In order to win new business, your proposals need to be great. We’ve helped clients from all industries define their value proposition, improve proposals and successfully close the deal.

Here are seven tips for writing winning proposals from our team to yours:

  1. Avoid jargon. Unless you’re specifically using the prospect’s language, avoid using jargon. Reduce wordiness by eliminating unneeded words. Write as if you are speaking directly to the prospect. The proposal should be readable and engaging with consumable pieces of information.
  2. Answer questions posed in the RFP. The prospect will include the problems they are trying to solve. Specifically answer those questions with your solution. For example, does a government agency need to audit their recent tax returns? Use the proposal to explain why and how your firm will not only complete the task, but exceed expectations.
  3. Include a value proposition that sets you apart. What makes your firm unique?
  4. Include pricing levels. The prospect wants to see options. Give them pricing levels, such as gold, silver and bronze.
  5. Use photos and graphs where possible. Illustrate numbers and important figures with infographics and photographs. This will draw the reader’s eye towards the important stuff and help break up the text.
  6. Use the back cover, if possible. This is prime real estate. If you have some freedom with the layout of your proposal, sneak something important on the back cover. Client testimonials are an easy one to include on the back cover.
  7. Respond quickly and keep it short. On average, winning proposals get to the client in less than three days and are less than five pages long.

Do you need help with your value proposition, improving your proposals and closing the deal? We do that. Contact dawn@ingenuitymarketing.com.