Storytime: Read Paul’s Story

Paul Rodriguez, CPA, represented a small business owner in Rapid City, South Dakota, who owned a family pizza restaurant. One night the owner was short-handed on staff and Paul happened to be there. He put on a store t-shirt and started slinging pies to help the client meet the orders. It just goes to show that sometimes client service is about demonstrating care beyond delivering a project.

What’s YOUR story?

Think about a time when you came through for a client.
What challenge were they experiencing?
What solution did you provide?
How did you come up with a solution?
What was the outcome?

Now that you have a story to share,
how can you share it?

You have a few options:

  • Create a case study for your firm website.
  • Pitch it to a local or trade publication.
  • Post it on your firm blog.

Once it’s published, how can you leverage the story?

  • Post a write-up on the firm website news page.
  • Add the article link to your LinkedIn profile to share with your connections and theirs.
  • Create a separate post with the article link to the LinkedIn home page as a status update. Provide an engaging headline with the article to explain why people should read it.
  • Use relevant articles to share with leads you just met or to bring to lunch or coffee meetings as a leave behind.
  • Add the article description (and link, if available) to your bio.
  • Repurpose the topics as newsletter articles or presentations.

Need help figuring out your story and bringing it to life? Contact us.

Here’s another story: