Storytime: Read Dawn’s Story

Before I joined Ingenuity as a principal, I spent over eight years as the Marketing Director for two mid-sized accounting and business consulting firms. I developed the overall marketing and business development strategy as well as coached partners and their clients on marketing plans, cross-selling and referral source marketing.

I discovered that selling professional services is the most difficult kind of selling. We’re not selling a product; we’re selling people and their expertise. It’s not tangible. The return on investment (ROI) and key performance indicators (KPIs) are more difficult to measure. I still fell in love with it.

Why? Because I was a cheerleader. Now I’m a mother and a pet owner. I love trying out new restaurants and I love meeting new people. I connect with people on a personal level, and then we talk business. Half of my time is spent telling stories of how we’ve worked with other clients, so that a new client can feel at ease and confident about working with us.

It’s not always a fit. But if you can spend an hour having coffee in person or an hour having a virtual coffee by video and really like the people you serve, you’ve found a great fit.

Here is one of those great fit success stories I like to share: