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“Real world examples and terrific energy. Connected with the audience. The best session.”

ChristineSelfieYou don’t receive this type of audience feedback with talking heads. Team Ingenuity is built on excitement and vibrant people who like to talk about your industry. Our presentations are full of free information and engaging discussions. We despise boredom, so we want our audiences awake, laughing and writing down ideas they can use right away.

Topics we can speak about include branding or rebranding, revenue boosters, online marketing, reputation management, content marketing, go-to-market strategies and many more.

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  • “Tried-and-True and Up and Coming Marketing Tools,” Allinial Global webinar, July 2018 
  • “Owning a Product for Leads,” AGN International webinar, marketing share group, July 2018
  • “Content Strategy for Each Buying Stage,” Association for Accounting Marketing National Summit, Portland, May 2018
  • Christine Nelson hosted a webinar, “The New Normal: Winning Clients with Social Selling” on Wednesday, January 24. 
  • Dawn Wagenaar and Virginia McCoy hosted a webinar, “How to Make Google Love Your Website…and Get Leads” on November 7. Click here to view the recording.
  • Dawn Wagenaar and Virginia McCoy presented as keynote and workshop facilitators to the LEA Global World Conference in Paris, October 22-24. 


  • “M&A Communications: Prep, Mid-Stream and Aftershocks”
    AAM High! Webinar, May 2019
  • “Let Your Clients Tell Your Story: Getting Great Testimonials”
    AAM Summit at AICPA Engage, June 2019
  • “Content for Conversion”
    AAM Summit at AICPA Engage, June 2019