Here’s what “social media” really is

For many, “social media” is an umbrella term, but in reality it’s two things – social networks and content media. The difference is this – on social networks, content flies by (so you can recycle posts), while on content media, content lives forever and can be linked to directly (or embedded in your website).

Social Networks

  • LinkedIn showcases your firm and turns your employees into ambassadors. Share industry news (from anyone except competitors), articles by your firm and human interest stories about your employees.
  • Twitter gets you and your firm noticed at events and by reporters. In addition to sharing industry news and articles by your firm, use hashtags for specific topics and events (e.g. #AICPAEngage) to gain visibility. Reach out to reporters with expert tips on timely subjects.
  • Facebook showcases your company’s culture to support recruitment and retention. Share news but focus on what it’s like to work with your firm. Showcase the personalities within your firm that reflect the culture.

Content Media

  • YouTube is a favorite of many, including Google. Comscore tells us that adding a video to your website increases your firm’s chance of appearing on the first page of Google search results by 53 times. (Click here to read about one CPA’s success with creating videos that were embedded from YouTube.)
  • Articles/Blogs add value to your website and make you look like an expert in your field. If you don’t have the capacity to create great posts on a regular basis, consider adding articles that require a name and email to download, at the very least.
  • Podcasts are a popular form of content media because people are becoming increasingly mobile. In fact between 2015 and 2016, podcast listening grew 23 percent.

Putting It Together

Utilize your social media profiles (individual and company) to share your firm’s content media. Content media is fire and social media is gasoline. While you can technically have one without the other, more people will see your content if you post it on social media and more people will see you as expert if you are posting original material.

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