Social Media for Leads



Imagine that you’re scrolling through your LinkedIn feed from the comfort of your office with a warm cup of coffee or tea. Your news feed is full of interesting and educated people, brands, and companies. They are sharing anecdotes, relevant articles and ideas. By connecting with people online, you’re representing yourself and your brand in a way that lets others find out more — on their own time.

Almost 60% of referrals check out your social media as part of their buying process, while only about 50% talk to references from your firm.

— Hinge Marketing

The days of personal relationships aren’t over! Ways to maintain them have changed — texting, group chat and social. To connect with prospects of all age ranges and types, it’s important to be visible where they seek information. You’ll meet people who need your services at networking events, but they’ll also look for you online through your social channels and website.

One satisfied client will send years of business your way – regardless of how the relationship began. The point is: represent your brand online through your website and your social media channels. Share your knowledge through these channels where potential clients are doing their buying research.

Get Social: Build and Nurture Your Relationships

  • Determine which networks are best for your firm. Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn are still good places to be seen. But don’t rule out Instagram for recruitment and young entrepreneurs. LinkedIn is still the best for business development.
  • Share meaningful content. You read helpful articles every day; post them to your social media channels.
  • Build your network. Follow your favorite industry publications, editors, peers, current contacts and friends.
  • Maintain relationships. You’ve worked on creating the relationships; now maintain them by engaging in industry groups, but also industry group discussion pages on social.
  • Engage. By sharing meaningful content or comments, you are taking a personal interest in others and contributing where appropriate.

The Commitment

It can seem daunting and like a lot of work, but if you spend time on this you’ll earn dividends in new prospects and fostered relationships with current clients. In reality, you can commit to 20 minutes per day to reach these goals.  

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