Social Media: It’s Not Just for Millennials

It’s no secret that Millennials are currently America’s largest generation – taking over the title held by Baby Boomers for many years. Millennials, defined as those born between 1981 – 1997, now number at 75.4 million and surpass the 74.9 million   Boomers. They are the first truly digital generation and have come of age being advertised to more than any other generation in history. They’re changing the way business is done, how relationships are fostered, and they’re making businesses rethink traditional marketing strategies. Millennials have grown from being kids with simple cell phones into adults with a college education, careers, homes and, most importantly – businesses.

Networking in-person and online

Think for a moment about the most recent event you attended – possibly a professional networking event hosted by your local accounting marketing association. You’ve got all the essentials ready – a business card, nametag and cold refreshment. The entire event is an opportunity to market yourself and your firm while networking with others. You’ll introduce yourself to people from different backgrounds, age groups and industries.

Now imagine that you’re scrolling through your Twitter feed from the comfort of your office with a warm cup of coffee in hand. Your well-curated feed is full of interesting and educated people, brands, and companies. They are sharing anecdotes, relevant articles and ideas. By connecting with people online, you’re representing yourself and your brand in a way that lets others find out more on their own time. Business cards have your website and phone number; your Twitter profile has a username (your name tag), a short bio and a link to your website.

The traditional way you’ve been getting business leads through referrals and your optimized website for years are quite comparable to the social networking and customer-focused world of today. One satisfied client will send years of business your way – regardless of how the relationship began. The point is: represent your brand online through your website and your social media channels. Show off your brand’s personality and be where your prospects are. To reach prospects of all ages, your firm’s marketing strategies should be cohesive and expand across a multitude of mediums and platforms.

Millennials are socially-dependent and, as mentioned above, will change how you conduct business. They buy differently than any other generation, and you need to sell your services to them differently, too. To grow your business, it’s essential to draw in business owners of all ages and backgrounds, which means social media needs to become an integral piece of your business development efforts.

Get Social: Build and Nurture Your Relationships

  • Determine which networks are best for your firm. Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn are probably good places to start.
  • Share meaningful content. You read helpful articles every day; post them to your social media channels.
  • Build your network. Follow your favorite industry publications, editors, peers, current contacts and friends.
  • Maintain relationships. You’ve worked on creating the relationships; now maintain them by engaging.
  • Engage. By sharing meaningful content or comments, you are taking a personal interest in others and contributing where appropriate.

The Commitment

It can seem daunting and like a lot of work, but if you spend time on this you’ll earn dividends in new prospects and fostered relationships with current clients. In reality, you can commit to 20 minutes per day to reach these goals.  You’ll find out more about this small time commitment by reading further.

The days of personal relationships aren’t over! It’s just that ways to maintain them have changed. To connect with prospects of all age ranges and generations, it’s important to be where they are. You’ll meet people who need your services at networking events, and they’ll look for you online, and they’ll be referred from business confidants and partners. If they’re happy with you, they’ll sing your praises anywhere they can.

Ingenuity Marketing Group helps firms just like yours learn how to use social media as an effective and successful lead nurturing tool.