Take the knowledge, credibility and visibility of your firm and kick it into hyper-drive. You may have a good reputation now, but you haven’t seen anything until you work with a PR and media strategist, business ghostwriter, social media campaign expert or mobile SEO researcher from Ingenuity.

Improve your communications inside the firm for client service and talent retention. Be the best professionals to call for niche services. Manage a PR crisis proactively. Nail the perfect elevator pitch.

Optimize Brand Positioning

You will gain:

  • Messaging that clarifies your brand positioning for recruitment, retention and niche growth.
  • PR visibility that supports strong search engine results, increased positive social media engagement and lead generation.
  • Press and awards communications that position your firm as industry thought leaders.
  • Confidence that communications inside and outside your firm are well leveraged for big announcements like acquisitions or a new service rollout.

Ingenuity Power of PR Buzz

When prospects compare you to a competitor, wow them with positive press and personalized messaging. Be the obvious first call for help. Talk to Ingenuity about how to become your own publisher of valued, influential information and a credible choice for clients and talent. We can also help your firm use blogs, videos and articles to cross-sell, communicate and recruit.

This firm changed its career messaging and doubled hits on its website.