Take the knowledge, credibility and visibility of your firm and kick it into hyper-drive. You may have a good reputation now, but you haven’t seen anything until you employ a PR and media strategist, professional ghostwriter, social media expert or search engine researcher from our team.

Go from being a complete unknown or somewhat known to a formidable competitor. If you’re already established, then this program raises your profile to be the high-value, first call for help you’re meant to be.

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PR Marketing Benefits

You will receive:

  • Content and media strategy techniques based on our decades of experience in journalism, small business ghostwriting, business awards and content development.
  • Coaching so your subject matter experts understand how to write for publications and use that published content for lead generation.
  • Enhancements to your online presence that support strong search engine results, increased positive social media interaction and networking and lead generation.
  • Press and awards support that make you a clear thought leader for your industry.
  • Content marketing techniques through your website that proactively attract new clients.

Ingenuity Power of PR Buzz

Don’t miss another prospect searching for you or comparing you to a competitor. Be the obvious first call for help. Talk to Ingenuity about how to become your own publisher of valued, influential information and a credible resource for clients and media. We can also help your firm use blogs, videos and articles to cross-sell, communicate and recruit.

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