Sales Questions that Seal the Deal

Rainmakers know that business is built on relationships. They are always looking for the win-win with prospects and clients. They set goals, but they are also masters at conversation and the psychology of their buyers.

Here are three questions to try at your next business lunch or coffee meeting that tie to the win-win principle of rainmaking.

  1. What does that look like in your world?
  2. If we could solve this, when would you want it solved?
  3. What I’m hearing is: A, B, C. What is most pressing for you right now?

Asking people about their experience, priorities and timing will advance your sales process and help you seal the deal faster. It’s about them, not you.

To integrate these questions with your firm’s competitive difference, contact Dawn Wagenaar and the growING consultants at Ingenuity. If your brand is undefined, ask us about our comprehensive brandING process that includes client and competitive research, competitive key themes development and staff training.