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Learn the latest marketing tactics before everyone else. In our videos, we discuss the secrets to firm growth, attracting top talent and “A” clients and more. We also cover these topics in our free webinar series. If you miss the live version, we archive each topic here for easy listening and sharing later. Sign up for our newsletter to see what’s coming next.


What’s a Brand Refresh?
Four Essential Elements

Are there gaps in your branding strategy? In this webinar, Christine Nelson and Robert Wasiluk discuss the differences between a brand refresh vs. a full rebrand. Refresh yourself on the value of a highly visible and consistent brand as we expand on the four key elements of a great branding process. Assess if there are any gaps in your current branding strategy to fully embed your visuals and messaging into the team culture and communications. The webinar slides are available here.

Boosting Your Net Promoter Score:
Client Retention and New Business

The Net Promoter Score tells us that most of your clients are neutral on the value you provide, but you have the power to convert those clients into active referral sources. In this webinar, Christine Nelson and Leah Spielman share the value of charting your NPS and tactics to boost your score. If referrals are your best source of business, don’t miss this chance to build a referral strategy into your marketing and business development efforts. The webinar slides are available here.

Proposals (and Interviews) That Lose

Nothing hurts more than spending too many hours on proposals and interviews that lose. Are you doing all of the “right things” with your proposal process to win new business but not seeing results? Do you even have a proposal process? In this webinar, Dawn Wagenaar and Virginia McCoy discuss the important pieces of proposals and interviews that can cost you the job. Click here for additional resources from this webinar.


94% of B2B buying decisions begin on the web, so you need to be found. Prospects are checking out your entire online presence during the sales process. What is “social selling” and why should you care about it? In this webinar, Christine Nelson, senior communications consultant with Ingenuity Marketing Group, answers these questions. You’ll walk away knowing why it’s not really about selling at all. Learn how to elevate your brand and align your online presence with your firm.


This is a previously recorded webinar on How to Make Google Love Your Website and Get Leads, presented by Dawn Wagenaar and Virginia McCoy of Ingenuity Marketing Group. In this webinar, Dawn and Virginia discuss SEO tactics that will help boost your website’s presence on search engines.

Smart Market Research for Competitive Visibility

Christine Nelson, senior communications consultant, recently presented a webinar for SMPS on SMART Market Research for Competitive Visibility. View this recorded webinar to learn the benefits of SMART market research, practical ways to use research in the sales process and create visibility for your firm’s experts and niches in various media outlets.

Click here to view the webinar recording.

Content Schlock: Personalizing Marketing Information for Short Attention Spans

You’ve got five seconds. Wow us or we’re gone. Getting your information to register with prospective clients, clients and referrals (let alone act on it) seems almost impossible. This webinar will give you ideas to personalize and present your content to get noticed and get action.

  • Examine today’s content shock as experienced by every person who might buy your services
  • Identify new methods to personalize and place content that gets noticed and acted upon
  • Discuss schlocky content that is a waste of time and energy
  • Get tips to personalize the communications experience of prospects, clients and referrals
  • Learn tracking methods to ensure your content is getting results

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