There is research that reports data, then there is research that validates business decisions.

The difference is: Ingenuity. After all the hours of doing branding and market research, conducting niche surveys and client satisfaction surveys, your CPA firm deserves a full analysis of the raw data. At Ingenuity, we provide recommendations you can actually use propel your firm forward. 

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We’ll discuss:

  • Your goals for internal or external research
  • Types of research and methodologies available
  • Options for partial or full management of the approach
  • Your ideal uses of the data for your firm and/or clients or prospects

We provide:

Employee Surveys

This involves surveying your employees, asking whether they are happy with the technology you have or the professional development and training you offer or if they want more mentorship opportunities. Those are just a few questions we ask, for example. Then we bring this data back to you, so you can shape your business into the morale engine you need it to be.

Client Satisfaction Surveys

Here we’ll interview your clients, either over the phone, through video call or via email, to provide vital insights you may be missing on the customer service side. Your clients may want you to be more involved in the community, or they want you to call them more to check in. We’ll dig into the root of it and find solutions to clean up your client communication pipeline and provide recommendations for the experience you want your clients to have.

Economic Outlook/Niche Surveys

We will interview firm leaders on key topics for industries and general issues of importance in your markets. Once results are in, we analyze, write and design a report of findings. The survey content is then central to your overall marketing, PR and business development efforts.

Brand Research

We use a blend of internal research to understand a firm’s differentiation and external research to understand the marketplace when producing recommended brand position messaging and descriptors – both verbal and visual. The messaging is distinct and research-based while preserving the core brand equity of your firm and stimulating progress for firm growth.

Need more information? Read our blog for a high-level overview of brand research.

Competitive Analysis

This is your full competitive analysis so you can see where you are – and ultimately stand out – from the pack. Are you in front of the big dogs? Are you a little fish in a big pond? We’ll analyze your competitors, their keywords and their marketing tactics to give you the edge you need to get the lead, first.

What Your Competitors Know That You Don’t

“Ingenuity is a great strategic partner. The team is very creative and provides us with ideas to improve our firm and our position. They believe in spearheading the success of the client.”

– LvHJ Director of Operations, San Francisco

Ingenuity connects the dots to add real value.

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