Benefits of Outsource Marketing Case Study

CPA Mutual is an insurance company focused exclusively on accounting firms, serving member firms across the United States from its Florida office. After working with Ingenuity to create a new website, CPA Mutual retained our InGenius growING™ services to set up and support consistent firm branding, visibility and growth.



Before creating a strategic marketing plan, Ingenuity reviewed the company’s existing marketing tactics. In addition to speaking and tradeshows, CPA Mutual was working with a Google AdWords rep to run online ads and sending a print newsletter to its 15,000 person database. Ingenuity’s recommendations for the strategic marketing plan included a review of the Google AdWords campaign and moving from print newsletters to e-newsletters. We also developed a content strategy to tie together PR, social media, monthly e-blasts and quarterly e-newsletters.


After moving forward with Ingenuity’s recommendations, CPA Mutual’s Google AdWords campaign cost decreased by 53 percent yet the rate at which users interacted with the ads increased. The company also saved on printing and mailing costs for newsletters while maintaining open and click-through rates that are more than two and five percent (respectively) higher than average for the industry. The company has also established a consistent presence on social media and has published articles in AccountingWEB, CPA Practice Advisor and state CPA society publications.

“Ingenuity’s understanding of our market and how to communicate with accounting firms has been an asset. It’s a unique niche. They have the connections to position CPA Mutual strategically as more than an insurance provider.” 

– William “Bill” Thompson, CPA, RPLU, CPA Mutual, risk management consulting firm, client since 2014