This One Big Thing Gets Accounting Referrals to Contact You

A great accounting referral has just arrived on your website’s home page. What is that first impression after 5 seconds of scrolling? Can your visitors easily follow breadcrumbs of content that intrigue them enough to click through for more? The experience of using your website (i.e. the user experience) needs to be amazing within a few seconds or clicks to keep leads on your website.

Why do you need to grab attention quickly through your website headlines and content? Noise. People are sick of data overload. They are subconsciously blocking or ignoring irrelevant copy. You probably do it yourself. But…great leads are willing to spend time reading lots of content when it really matches their personal needs and issues. Give them a reason to come back. Give them a reason to contact you.

Content that is outdated or solely generic from content providers in a package deal won’t set your firm apart. It won’t give your visitor a sense of you personally, a reason to come back or subscribe for more — especially if they’ve seen the same stuff on other websites.

To be viewed as a thought leader in accounting — rising above the noise — your content should speak to actual real problems you have solved for clients, or unique knowledge you hold in construction, health care, estate planning or aviation.

If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas for content, brainstorm questions that are frequently asked by clients, and then write out your answers. One of our accounting clients has a regular monthly call with a CFO group. Their questions are content gold that — without revealing personal details of the situation — can be turned into a short blog that addresses the question in a way that adds context to the issue for your web visitors.

Be willing to add your thoughts to a solution and share it online. Niche specific web content is the one big thing that will get referrals to start a conversation with your accounting firm.