No One Knows Why Your Firm is Awesome: When Branding Doesn’t Solve Growth Challenges

Your brand is done. Your website is done. Your pipeline is still slow.

What do you do now?

Over the last 10 years, one of the primary challenges we’ve seen among firms that develop a new brand is this: they lose momentum.

Everyone is excited in the beginning to promote their new website and marketing materials. They send out emails and mailers and host a launch party. They spend marketing dollars on driving traffic to their website. Then they get busy with clients and they complain that the website doesn’t generate leads.

This is not a marketing problem. This is a culture problem.

Unless the entire firm understands the business value of a brand and uses it to share your competitive difference to attract clients and talent, you are fighting a losing battle that reduces your huge investment to pretty colors and updated stationery. For that ROI, you could have spent a fraction of the money with a qualified printer.

“Strong B2B branding drives customers’ willingness to consider, purchase, and pay a premium for a supplier.” —CEB Marketing Leadership Council (in partnership with Google)
Marketers and savvy partners understand the value of a brand, but translating that value to other leaders and client service masters in your firm requires a cultural shift:

  • Tie your brand to why clients buy from you.
  • Develop a branded sales strategy with prospect questions that point out your value clearly.
  • Train all of your staff to talk about that value consistently and confidently.

The momentum will return and you’ll see the difference in sales and recruitment.
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