Navigating the
Jungle of Big Data

At the Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) Summit at AICPA ENGAGE, we asked attendees to help us navigate the jungle of big data at our booth.* Attendees were asked to describe themselves and their firms, using three sets of two options:

Cable or Netflix
Phone or Wine
Innovation or Client Focus

They drew lines between each of their choices so we could make connections within the data. Here are the results:

Cable — 48% or Netflix — 52%
Phone — 48% or Wine — 52%
Innovation — 17% or Client Focus — 83%

*Learn more about big data and how it can benefit your firm here.

The most popular combination, with 39% of the picks, was Cable – Phone – Client Focus. We were surprised that more people chose Cable — Innovation (22%) than Netflix — Innovation (13%), based on an assumption that those who stream entertainment would be more open to fresh ideas. Those who chose Netflix were evenly split between a love of wine and a love of their phone, while those who chose Cable love their phones slightly more than wine.

Of those who picked innovation, 83% also picked wine. Maybe those who enjoy a glass of rosé will lead their firms to the next level of growth. Also, of those who chose client focus, 79% picked phone. This doesn’t come as a surprise, as client service can mean staying connected 24/7.

All jokes aside, we could use this data to create topics for content (“Using Content to Increase Client Engagement”) or to choose booth giveaways (corkscrew over a screen cleaning wipes). While our jungle of big data was a fun activity for conference attendees to complete, you can collect and analyze your own big data.

3 Ways to Use Big Data to Your Advantage

Utilize Google Analytics Make sure your firm’s website has Google Analytics. You can use it to discover what your audience is interested in and increase engagement. Plus, it can help you compete with the noisy internet

As a bonus, activate Search Console within your Google Analytics. It will tell you what people are searching for when they find your firm. This can help you create new content topics or explore new niches. 

Don’t Make Assumptions You may be making assumptions about what your audience is looking for. In addition to your Google Analytics, look at generational data to see how prospective clients and recruits are searching for your firm. 

Data Mine Your Clients You have a wealth of information in your existing client database. Add fun questions to your client surveys. Then, use the information when selecting a gift to send them for taking the survey. 

Think your clients don’t have time to take surveys? You’d be surprised. If 20 million people have time to view the “What City Should You Actually Live In?” quiz on Buzzfeed, your clients have 15 minutes to take a survey about their experience working with you. Plus, after surveying hundreds of clients’ clients, we have found that they are honored to be asked.