You Might Never Track a New Client to Social Media

Would someone choose a professional service based on a tweet? Likely not. But social media does reinforce the referrals you receive. When business owners check you out online, you want a presence that is engaging and thoughtful. Studies show that 63.2 percent of B2B buyers search firms online and 59.9 percent check out firm social media profiles. How can you tell if your firm’s presence is engaging and thoughtful? Track the performance of your social network posts.

3 Social Media Analytics to Track

LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter – the three most commonly used social networks used by professional service firms – all have free analytics (or insights) tools on their sites.

Get a feel for how your accounting firm is performing by tracking:

  • Impressions/Reach – How many people saw your posts. Note when impressions are higher to find out what time users who follow you are online most often.
  • Shares/Retweets – How many people shared your posts. When users share or retweet your posts, your impressions/reach increases.
  • Engagement – How often (as a percentage) users interacted with a post after seeing it. For example, if a post received 1,000 impressions/reach and 250 people interacted with the post, it would have a 25 percent engagement rate.

Only 41% of B2B marketers feel as though they’re able to measure the return on investment (ROI) of their social network activities. You may not ever attribute a new client to social media, but it’s becoming more and more likely that your social media presence can help get them to make that call or fill out your “contact us” form.

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