Our Top 5 Favorite Articles from July

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What have you been reading, watching or listening to by the pool this summer? Here are our top content picks from July.

Why Should Firm Leaders Be On Social Media?

Wendy Nemitz Founder of Ingenuity Marketing Group, talks about the value of a presence on social media. Plus she talks about ways to make it take up less time and effort

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5 Key Benefits of Marketing Automation

Has your firm started using marketing automation? If not, this article could make you a believer in streamlining and automating processes.

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3 Things You Need To Stand Out In Content Marketing

How to stand out when 58.8 million blog articles are posted online each month.

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Build It… But Will They?

Ingenuity would be very interested in hearing about other firms that created a cultural shift through a built environment, like the one in this post.

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How Millennials in the Workplace Are Turning Peer Mentoring on Its Head

Young people are training generation Xers and baby boomers in a concept called “reverse mentoring.”

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