Give Your Inbound Marketing Blog a Makeover

Make your blog the star of your content marketing strategy again

Nobody wants you to sell to them. Buyers want information — quickly, 24/7 and on the go. A successful content marketing strategy gives your visitors the power to qualify themselves as a great fit client for you. To attract that audience, however, you must offer valuable information that speaks to their personal pains, interests and desires.

Blogs are simple to create. They are hard to maintain. The most effective inbound marketing blog delivers niche-focused, insightful content about topics of deep interest to prospects, recruits, and clients. It reads like a magazine with invitations for readers to go deeper into the topic by linking to related blog posts.

Here are some tips to keep your blog fresh, searchable and relevant to target audiences so they are eager to call you.

  1. Brainstorm topics by pain, interest or desire.

What problems have your clients experienced lately? Could your solution help others who read your blog? Get inside your prospective client’s head. Write about topics that fit the client’s goals, desires and interests. Don’t talk about your services. Don’t reprint law changes or industry news unless you translate what it means to the reader.

  1. Set up your inbound content strategy.

Once visitors read your interesting blog post, don’t let them leave. Invite them to go deeper into the topic. Can they download a whitepaper? Can they read another blog post? Can they take an assessment or survey to determine the level of their pain or interest? This is the magic of getting visitors to qualify themselves; your website can do the work for you. Add links from each blog post to related content and tools. Guide them online just like you guide them as an advisor. Help them answer burning questions.

  1. Show them how you solve problems for others.

Lead visitors from your blog posts to relevant stories of how your firm has solved this problem or handled this interest for similar clients. Link them to case studies, client stories, video testimonials and representative experience. Do this step before you lead them to services pages. Remember, the majority of visitors are not ready to talk to someone. Let them explore and come to their own conclusions.

  1. Let them share your blog posts.

Make social media work for you by allowing visitors to share their favorite blog posts. This expands your blog’s reach to other potential clients and is a verified endorsement of your knowledge. If you don’t have sharing options on your blog posts, this is the first thing you should do today.

  1. Hire a professional ghostwriter.

Quality matters. If your blog feels stagnant or needs more technical content that is relevant to target audiences — that speaks their language — hire a professional ghostwriter to interview your internal experts. An experienced ghostwriter can produce your content faster and cheaper than a partner’s billable time, while elevating your content quality. Find one who writes about your industry frequently.

  1. Optimize your posts.

In marketing speak, this means that your blog post headline, meta data and page title include keywords that help visitors find your great, relevant content. If they can’t find your blog, your effort is wasted. Nobody has time for that.

If you are tired of producing blog posts that don’t attract leads, it’s time to change that. Find some additional tips for getting more visitors to your blog here.

Yes, I need a ghostwriter.