Four Ways to Make Your
Website Work for you

Your website is a tool in your business toolbox. It should be up-to-date, effective and a functioning member of your sales team. Is your website bringing leads in the door? There are simple adjustments that can be made to ensure your website is driving sales and bringing in leads. Here are four ways to make your website work for you.

1. Your Website as a Sales Tool

To determine if your website is functioning properly, perform an audit of navigation and content and you will see where you’re falling behind and your successes. From there, you can make adjustments by fixing broken links, developing niche landing pages and improving bios to build online trust.

2. Is it Google-Friendly?

Search Engine Optimization – SEO. Your website should be optimized with keywords that attract the right leads. Your SEO helps to boost your website’s visibility in Google searches. Make sure that your page titles, meta descriptions, header tags, body content, internal links and URL are optimized according to the most recent Google algorithm. Confused? Read this.

3. Good Content

Give your audience the content they want. Solve a problem, help them learn, support a decision. Make the content easy to access. It should be scannable, so they can quickly read and pull out the main points. Content builds trust, drives conversion and influences intent.

4. Use Analytics

How are people finding your website? With analytics, you can understand what words they’re searching to get to you. Then, drive future content by utilizing those words in website copy and blog posts. The right measures should be tracked so your team can determine growth of visitors, number of pages searched and time on site. Analytics can also help you notice if visitors are leaving too quickly.

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