Five Reasons This Attorney Worked With a Ghostwriter

Jim Komondy has practiced law for 12 years as a litigator and general counsel to business owners. His main focus is serving clients, but he also has a responsibility to market his practice to attract new clients.

Despite his desire to publish articles of interest to business owners, he could never get it done and was skeptical about working with a ghostwriter. “I was concerned the article would not capture the substance of the message I was trying to convey…but that proved not to be the case at all.”

In fact, Jim cited five ways that working with a ghostwriter supports his practice.

1. It’s still my words without the “he said” journalism style.
“I wondered how someone who doesn’t practice law could write an article about the law. I found out that a ghostwriter interviews you and turns that interview into a first-person article. I was able to communicate the substantive points that I know about an issue, and get back a first draft that was well written and in my voice.”

2. I could react to the topic rather than my own writing.
“With a ghostwriter, you get a fresh look at the copy, so I wasn’t as self-critical of the writing itself. I could be more objective and focus on the key points during the editing process.”

3. It saved time.
“I’m not sure how long it would take me on my own because writing is a process; sometimes it comes very quickly and other times it’s grueling. The ghostwriting process saved me several hours of work — several hours for sure — on minor things I would have fussed over and reorganized and rewritten unnecessarily.”

4. I had the final say on the final draft.
“The editing process was easy on all four articles. I was comfortable putting it out for publication in my name. All I had to do was send an email to the editor with the final article ready to go. It saved me time, expense, and allowed me to maximize my marketing opportunities.”

5. I got it done and published.
“The biggest benefit of working with a ghostwriter is that I actually got articles written and published. I would not find time to do this alone even with the best intentions. I have had two articles published with very good responses to both. With a finite time to dedicate to marketing, ghostwriting with Ingenuity’s team had no down side. The articles were well written and achieved the goal of promoting my practice to a broader audience.”

P.S. Jim’s articles were well received by the editor as well as readers, including a judge who commented that Jim’s points were spot on about the risks, costs and responsibilities of business owners who file a lawsuit, even if they receive a judgment in their favor.

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