The CPA Leader’s Ultimate Digital Growth Infographic

Are you thinking about how to increase new business development online?

This infographic details several successful online marketing campaigns that you can launch to attract top-line growth right now. Learn how easy it can be to promote your services in an online format — with campaigns that run 24/7 to attract leads!

Now is the best time to set a foundation for digital content marketing that can attract qualified leads for new growth. These go-to-market strategies also align with your long-term goals for the future, whether they include:

  • Independent growth;
  • Target acquisitions; and/or
  • Improving business valuation multiples for succession

Focus on your future. Request your digital growth infographic.


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Why is digital marketing so important now? Don’t take our word for it. Listen to the reasons our clients prioritize it.

 “Although Sykes & Company, P.A. speaks at many trade shows and is heavily involved in the independent pharmacy industry, we get two to six calls a day, and probably more than half of them are coming through the Google searches, through our website, looking at the collateral materials that [Ingenuity] helped us develop. What’s really surprised me is how many people are finding us on Google and not hearing us talk, not seeing us at the shows, not getting a referral from somebody – although those are obviously extraordinarily important to us – but the organic finds, through Google, just blows me away.” 

— Ollin Sykes, CPA.CITP, MTA, Partner

“One of the things that clearly demonstrates their expertise is that after those initial meetings, there was never a need for Ingenuity to convince us what they could do for us. They had proven that and as a client, we were asking them to lead and support our other marketing initiatives.” 

—Gary Anglin, CPA,
Managing Partner, Anglin Reichmann Armstrong