Is your Content Marketing Worth the Time and Trouble?

Tips to Make Professional Content Interesting and Memorable for Leads

Content is king, except when no one reads it.

If you want people to read your website, blog, brochure or articles, use these hints from our business ghostwriters.  These principles come from studies of sticky ideas, ways to attract attention and persuade readers. Use a few in your next writing project to create engagement with your audience. 

Blend logic and emotion. 

Prospects use both sides of their brains when looking for a new firm. They want quality services that persuade them of your ability to solve their problems. They also want to enjoy working with you. Use emotionally positive words, images and details about your people and the results they deliver.   

Instead of talking about your services, involve readers emotionally. Include stories about real people. Add engaging photos that demonstrate the benefits of your work. Remember, people process images much faster than words, which is why photos and video get better emotional engagement, likes and comments.

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Use core concepts. 

Professional services are very complex. Boil your message down to its core. If your firm offers structural engineering services, you don’t have to write about all the sophisticated methods and options available to them. Instead, write about your approach to solving a problem. Include an infographic that leads them through that process. 

You can add the infographic to a proposal or to your website or in a prospect presentation. Whether they are engineers or board members, they will appreciate how you strategically distinguish your team from other good engineering firms. 

Surprise the reader.

Human brains are designed to tune out the expected and capture the unusual. That’s why the details of your regular drive to work aren’t memorable unless you have to take a detour. Pleasant and unpleasant surprises stick with us, so use unexpected language and unusual examples to make your content memorable.

We have a process for creating core branding themes for professionals that steer them away from words like “quality” and “service” and “knowledgeable.” Through conversations with leaders and clients, we identify words like “indispensable” and “pivotal” and “curious.”  These words are still accurate but more interesting. They make people pause, which can help your firm stand out from the competition. 

Tell stories. 

Consider fables and legends—the stories that are inherently memorable and have survived for thousands of years. Maybe your firm isn’t a legend yet, but you can use a few well-chosen stories of your own in marketing or sales conversations to clarify the benefits your firm delivers to clients. For example, we worked with a commercial restoration company that not only restores a client’s home after a flood or fire, but also restores the homeowner’s sense of personal security. 

In one story, this company talks about an older woman who lost her home in a fire. She was grateful that the crew treated her like their mom, she said. She felt comfortable with their efforts to clean and restore her personal belongings. They let her stop in anytime to check progress, choose paint colors and other details. When her home was finished, it not only felt like home, but the crew also brought her flowers.  

This is why personal reviews and testimonials are so important for distinguishing your firm from the competition. If you need to maintain confidentiality, keep a couple stories lined up about the most interesting work you’ve done lately or a result you’ve obtained for a client. 

We delivered a presentation recently for an association. The attendees spent some time working on their elevator speeches. They got bonus points for using metaphors, and the results were much more interesting than, “I’m an accountant.” 

If you’re having trouble making content interesting for leads, you could also work with a ghostwriter. Imagine. People get hundreds of emails a day and usually only read the subject line before deciding to open or delete — especially if they’re on a mobile device. We get much better open rates for clients by engaging the reader’s emotions and promising something worth their time right in the subject line.  

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