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Three Steps to Delegate Effectively

As a leader, you want to develop your team but you’re dealing with important and urgent work and feel it’s easier and faster to do it yourself. But your firm won’t grow if you don’t delegate. Let’s say it this way: in order for your firm to grow, you need to delegate to future leaders.

In this video, Christine Nelson, communications consultant, shares a three-step process for delegation.

Contact Christine to obtain our graphic that illustrates
these delegation steps.

Want more tips for leadership? View this video on grooming your firm’s next partner.

Our Top 5 Favorite Articles this Month

What are you reading, watching or listening to? From an explanation of marketing titles to a study on Millennial buyers, here are Ingenuity’s top content picks for May:

What do marketing titles mean?

Have you ever wondered about the difference between a marketing coordinator and a marketing director? Wendy Nemitz Founder of Ingenuity Marketing explains the various marketing positions commonly found in professional services marketing.

Watch this video.

I hate to close.
How do you close a sale? By simply making sure that your questions have been answered, necessary issues have been raised and potential clients know you would like to work with them.

Read this blog post to learn more.

don’t just hire; build leaders for a lifetime
In episode 30 of unsuitable on Rea Radio Annie Yoder and Don McIntosh discuss why business leaders should approach recruitment and staff development from a new perspective.

Listen to this podcast.

4 MVPs You Need on Your Content Marketing Team
While “content marketing teams can range from 1-100+ people,” these are the key players you need on your content marketing team to get the best results.

Find out who they are here.

10 Signs Your Client is Cheating on You

Investment news
Photo: Investment News

Do you have a client who keeps cancelling meetings? When you do meet, do they seem preoccupied? These could be signs that your client is cheating on you. Wendy Nemitz Founder of Ingenuity Marketing Group, recently shared signs of an unfaithful client with Investment News.

Click here to see the full slideshow.

Christine Nelson also presented a webinar on this topic to members of INPACT Americas. Contact Christine if you’d like to have Ingenuity speak on this topic to members of your firm or organization.

Five Habits of Competitive Firms

5 Habits GraphicYour company’s future success hinges on attracting and training young talent while also delivering sophisticated consulting expertise to clients who demand high and immediate value for their fees.

You need to compete.

Ingenuity focuses on helping you compete. Our insights are based on hundreds of leadership and client interviews and in-depth competitive intelligence. Based on this data, we reveal five habits of consistently competitive firms.

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What Your Competitors Know That You Don’t

Illustration of runners crossing a finish lineAccounting firms and engineering firms often call us when they see a competitor suddenly showing up in their market space and winning bids seemingly “out of the blue.”

A closer look at the competition reveals that those firms have set up a strategy to target a certain buyer, market or industry and are now reaping the rewards of months of focused effort. They didn’t just show up. They’ve been there for a while.
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Tap into personal value to drive action and build trust

“Strong B2B branding drives customers’ willingness to consider, purchase, and pay a premium for a supplier.”

The quote above comes from the CEB Marketing Leadership Council (in partnership with Google) in their white paper “From Promotion to Emotion: Connecting B2B Customers to Brands.” They found that, “Customers who believe a brand will provide business value are 4x more likely to consider that brand.”
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