Business Valuation Expert Chooses Ghostwriting to Gain Market Visibility

Erik Konicki is a certified valuation analyst (CVA) and certified fraud examiner (CFE) with one of the largest, locally owned, independent public accounting firms in Houston. Explaining his role and services to business owners, CPAs or legal counsel is not a simple conversation. It’s also a significant time investment.

Erik chose a ghostwriter not only to save time, but also primarily as a sounding board to solidify his marketing strategy. Here are three ways Erik used Ingenuity’s ghostwriting and media services to jumpstart his visibility as an expert in a competitive market.

1. I clarified why someone should work with me.
“Through an interview with a writer, you get to answer questions you may not have thought about and discuss them in new ways. You come up with key points that communicate well to many readers. That’s what I find provided the most benefit. You can work with a writer to discuss the day-to-day things that help a business owner or professional. Then, you get support to turn that discussion into an article.”

2. I am using more options to market my practice.
“Ghostwriting is a service to people who don’t have a lot of time to sit down and write, but everybody has time for a few minutes of discussion. I also desired the collaboration, so the editing process was enjoyable. Plus, scheduling time to work on the article kept me on task to complete it.

“If I’m asked my opinion and can do that in the context of a printed article, it’s one more marketing tool at my disposal. As professionals, we need to be part of industry discussions or we lose our relevance and visibility.”

3. I have a better understanding of media opportunities.
“When I have been quoted by reporters in the past, the context doesn’t always convey my point. Writing an article is an opportunity to send the message and context that you intended into the business media. With a ghostwriter, you get to review the article and have more control over your message.

“As I said, I have some experience with the media, but the ghostwriting process did strengthen my understanding of engaging with the media to publish an article. Also, the topic is mine to refresh or edit for several audiences or for different uses such as a presentation. The main points are already created.”

P.S. Erik is looking forward to publishing his first article based on the insight he received through the ghostwriting process.

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