Brand Drama: 5 Ways People Buy With Emotion

People make buying decisions based on logic right? Actually, they justify their decisions with logic, but keep service providers based on emotion. Consumer intelligence consultancy, Motista, reports that consumers who are emotionally engaged with a business are four times more likely to keep coming back compared to consumers who are merely satisfied.

Here are five big ways people choose services based on emotion. Make sure your brand appeals to at least one of them, or call Ingenuity Marketing to increase your emotional appeal through our brandING™ services.

Scarcity: I’ll be left out or left behind.
A scarcity brand plays on a person’s fears about being left out of a really great opportunity or deal, or getting left behind. You will see this brand paired with messages such as “limited time” or “don’t miss out.” Exclusive services or niches play on this emotion.

Coolness: I’ll be ahead of the game, popular, loved.
Any service that makes people feel prestigious by association is appealing to emotion. Name recognition is part of coolness. Demonstrate how your service brings the customer prestige or instant credibility.

Intelligence: This will make me look smart to others.
Intelligence brands show how the buyer can save time, improve productivity, improve health or avoid trouble. Companies with intelligence brands “educate” consumers about aspects of their industry only insiders know.

Protection: This will make me more secure.
The boogeyman isn’t out there; it’s in your client’s mind. If you can tap into fears or insecurities, you can boost the power of your brand. Keeping clients out of trouble and avoiding risk is an emotional message of protection.

Altruism: I can help and make a difference with this.
Customers feel good when their purchases support a cause or value they believe in, but they must truly believe the cause is legitimate and just. Think of your firm’s community commitment or volunteer culture when appealing to altruism.

Want more information about how people make buying decisions with their emotions? Watch Wendy Nemitz’s (Founder of Ingenuity Marketing Group) video on emotional branding for professionals.