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Why Google Can’t Find Your Website

Did you know 6o percent of all online traffic goes through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets*? Google noticed the increasing number of mobile users and recently updated its algorithm to make its mobile search results more relevant for users.

Google recently announced two major updates to how it ranks mobile search results. Pay attention, this could affect your existing website or app.

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Five Habits of Competitive Firms

5 Habits GraphicYour company’s future success hinges on attracting and training young talent while also delivering sophisticated consulting expertise to clients who demand high and immediate value for their fees.

You need to compete.

Ingenuity focuses on helping you compete. Our insights are based on hundreds of leadership and client interviews and in-depth competitive intelligence. Based on this data, we reveal five habits of consistently competitive firms.

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Six Reputation Builders

These items should be on your reputation bucket list to improve your visibility and credibility as a professional.

1. Write an article for your target audience.

2. Post and comment in select LinkedIn Groups.

3. Add client video testimonials to your website.

4. Win an award.

5. Take a leadership position on an association committee or board.

6. Speak as a subject matter expert in a webinar or to a live audience of prospects.

Need more tips? Call Ingenuity about creating a comprehensive reputation management strategy.

Three SEO Terms You Should Know

Google keeps changing! Unfortunately, few SEO companies provide a comprehensive strategy that helps you not only rank better on Google, but also attract the right clients. Ingenuity does!

Here are some SEO terms you should know to better understand your website’s current search engine optimization (SEO) needs.

Trust Factor – This term refers to the number of legitimate websites linking back to your website. Ask other websites to link to you such as trade publications, associations, or directories, for a high trust factor.

H-1 Tags – Google looks at the “headlines” on your web pages to see how they relate to the copy found there. If they are coded as H-1 tags by your webmaster, you get extra points!

Key Phrases – People search for your firm using key phrases. If your website matches the key phrases they use, you rank higher. Choose your key phrases based on an SEO search of popular key phrases, and weave them into your website copy where they make sense. Talk to Ingenuity about which phrases you should use, and how to add them into your website copy!

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Trending Then/Use Now! INFOGRAPHICS

Infographics have been around for a while, but they are only a great solution if you have lots of data to share and limited time to share it. An infographic makes the data more interesting and engaging — which is great for your social media posts, your website or sales presentations!

Here are just a few reasons, according to unbounce.com, that you should consider infographics to convey complex information quickly:

Publishers who use infographics grow an average of 12% more than publishers that don’t.

In just over two years, infographic search volumes increased over 800%.

Ninety-nine percent of almost all sensory information is filtered out by the brain almost immediately.

Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text.

Sixty-five percent of the population are visual learners.

Talk to Ingenuity about better ways to present your data to increase website visitors, improve proposal wins or enhance social media interaction. Our design team is ready to help with infographics and more!

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