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Photography © Silverman

A self-described geek, Rachel is an early adopter of all things technical and an avid fan of tradition and online marketing that demonstrates results. An idea person and storyteller, Rachel regularly speaks at local and national events, and has won awards for her advertising copy. She is the author of award-winning young adult novels including Being Emily (2012) and Just Girls (2014). Prior to joining Ingenuity, Rachel spent seven years in the print media as the senior writer for a weekly newspaper and worked as the PR manager for a $60 million technology company. Rachel offers:

Playful Curiosity. Rachel creates a space in which people enjoy expressing themselves and collaborating. Her inquisitive and humorous interviewing skills help you discover the heart of your message.

Transformative Thinking. As a natural connector of ideas, Rachel is adept at seeing the larger picture and using that to generate new angles for your marketing messages and PR campaigns.

Bringing Clarity. After working in highly specialized technology communications, Rachel has honed her talent for taking complicated ideas and communicating them in a simple, elegant and straight-forward fashion.

Branding Magic. Steeped in the traditions of mythology and storytelling, Rachel connects to the archetypal concepts that empower brands.

When she’s not teaching people how to better express themselves or working on her novels, you can often find Rachel online checking out the latest games and social media sites.

Expect leaps of intuition grounded in thorough research, a quick wit and the ability to have a deep and real conversation with anyone.

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Macalester College, Bachelor of Arts in English and Religious Studies
Hamline University, Master’s Degree of Fine Arts in Writing

Reporting, technology

Photography © Silverman

Non-alcoholic drink order? Tea! Either white tea or a nice oolong.

Favorite color? Blurple

If I’m not in the office, I’m… writing novels and playing games (not usually at the same time, but you never know).

Mac or PC? Mac but Android for mobile devices.

Deserted island must-have? A functional boat.

Favorite spot in downtown St. Paul? Subtext Books