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Dawn owns a marketing agency. It’s a great icebreaker, and people get really interested when she says that we help businesses grow…locally and across the country.

Growth requires dedication, consistency and a sense of loyalty. Dawn’s life is proof that she values all three. She’s had the same monthly book club for 17 years, and her neighborhood Bunko group has played together for almost as long. She has also dedicated endless hours to the growth of the Hastings YMCA as a board member. Then there is her family, and Dawn is at the center of it to support her husband, Scott, and their very busy daughter, Bella. To keep life organized, Dawn’s meal planning with new recipes is legendary, and she knows her family budget to the penny!

While most people see Dawn’s serious, get-it-done professional side, she has a true soft spot for Golden Retrievers, cardio dance workouts, white wines and feel-good Hallmark movies. The family’s retriever, Nora, is just fine with that.


Augsburg College, Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Management
University of St. Thomas, Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership


In-house accounting marketing at two firms
Financial services marketing

Industry Organizations

  • Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM)
  • Past chair of the AAM Conference Committee; past member-at-large for AAM National Board of Directors, Chair of the Virtual Education Committee and past president for AAM Minnesota
  • The Society of Marketing Professional Services – Twin Cities
  • Associations North

Charitable Organizations

  • Board member of YMCA Hastings

Describe a perfect morning.

Reading the Star Tribune newsletter and drinking coffee while having a cooking show on in the background.  And of course I’m still in my pajamas.

What is the craziest thing you’ve experienced, good or bad?

My best friend and I have stayed at haunted houses and we both believe in ghosts.  A few summers ago we stayed at an old colonial on the Iowa/Missouri border as we knew there were going to be ghost hunters staying there for a TV show.  It was a very interesting evening.

How do you handle long lines?

I don’t.  I usually walk out and come back.  Especially during the holidays.

What is your definition of an amazing client relationship?

One that has mutual respect and understands that we each have our own expertise and they hired us for that expertise. Beyond that, I enjoy working with clients who are kind and funny.

Must-see destination before you’re 100?


Best recipe/meal/restaurant you’ve tried lately?

I recently made Barbequed Chinese Chicken Lettuce Wraps by Rachel Ray and they were to die for!

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