6 Ways to Strengthen Your Firm*

* Without Getting Off Your Couch

MuscleManWe’re far enough into the year that you might be regretting some resolutions such as getting fit — or wondering how you can keep the next ones you make. Either way, we’ve compiled a list of ways to make it easier for your firm to stay in shape: attracting more leads and improving the client experience. Here are six ways…

Create evergreen content

Way back in 2012, Google introduced “evergreen content” to their search result must-haves for ranking websites — and long articles that remain relevant have been showing up at the top of search results with steady frequency regardless of when they were originally published. How would you like to have an article written in 2013 still pulling in leads for you?

Reap the benefits of people looking online for answers to questions that make them good leads for you. Think about questions you get during the sales process or when working with new clients. Let your experts answer them at length. Make sure you include some SEO keywords and revisit these articles yearly to add short updates if necessary.

In addition, according to a study of one million search results by MarketMuse, “content rated as ‘topically relevant’ significantly outperformed content that didn’t cover a topic in-depth. Therefore, publishing focused content that covers a single topic may help with rankings.”

Use long tail SEO

Trying to get your firm’s website to rank highly for certain keywords takes a lot of effort and expense…with no guarantee of leads in professional services. It’s all about relationships, right? By focusing on niche areas and exploring deeply into search results, you can find longer keywords with much less competition that can bring you valuable leads.

It’s the difference between trying to rank for “accounting” to choosing instead “manufacturing accounting” to diving deeper to “what is a manufacturing accounting system.” Notice how that last keyword also gives you an idea of an article you can write on your website or a video blog to record? Smart!

Make sure you have a memorable brand

Even in B2B professional services, people buy with their emotions and then rationalize their decisions with logic. A brand that evokes emotion in your clients and prospects makes it much easier for them to remember you when the time comes to hire you or request more services.

When you design your content pieces, make them visually interesting! Use your firm colors and logo and dress up the content with charts and factoids. People process visual information much faster than words. Provide a combination of visual and narrative in your content to get higher engagement.

For more about the emotional factors that lead people to buy, read: https://www.ingenuitymarketing.com/your-brain-on-brands/

Explore account based marketing

Although “account based marketing (ABM)” is a buzzword, many B2B firms have been doing it already, but in a haphazard way. It is basically a decision by your firm to proactively target a list of specific companies/clients rather than an industry or niche overall. By narrowing your focus to specific leads, it is much easier to develop longer, detailed content that is tailored to that desired buyer.

Your firm probably has a fairly narrow prospect list that you circle back through routinely, hoping to convert the sale sooner than later. By automating ABM with content sent to them on a schedule, the same number of people in your firm can reach higher numbers of prospects with more targeted information — increasing your likelihood of conversion since you are giving these decision makers information that is actually of interest to them! When they are ready to buy, your firm is top of mind for the expertise they need.

Use automation and segmentation

This goes hand-in-hand with ABM. Tools in the marketplace today can allow you to segment your clients and prospects and send them emails that are relevant to their needs. Automation tools also allow leads to self-segment. For example, they download a guide on a specific topic and are offered emails with more in-depth information on that topic.

With automation, you only have to set up the segments and the email sequences once! After that, they can run by themselves when new leads discover your website. Can you say, extra automated salesperson?

Focus on the client experience

From your website to emails and social presence, your firm is operating in an increasingly crowded space, which means you need to honor the client experience at a higher level. This means putting yourself in the shoes of your clients and prospects and providing content that they need — when they choose to view it.

If you’re doing all the steps above, you’re already honoring the client experience. But we understand that many professional service organizations are just dipping their little toe into things like longer and tailored content, marketing automation and account based marketing. If you need help understanding which of these opportunities is right for you and getting buy-in from your organization, get in shape with Ingenuity! We’ve created a helpful infographic to share statistics on these six ways to strengthen your firm.*

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