3 Ways to Improve E-blast Open Rates

>>3 Ways to Improve E-blast Open Rates<< I’ve already done one thing in the headline of this post to improve my e-blast open rate, according to the authors at Unbounce, creators of effective landing page templates. I have added “jewelry” to my header/subject line. To stand out in email campaigns, little gems like adding arrows to email subject lines or a “hot button” to click through can increase open rates exponentially.

Unbounce suggests seven things to stand out. We’ll give you three. [We told you about the jewelry. Consider that a bonus.]

1. Call to Action Subject Lines
Instead of using FREE or ACT NOW in your subject line, include a message like [time sensitive] or [must see].

2. Admit a Mistake
Tell the recipient you goofed on something, whether it’s the shirt you wore for the attached video or the deadline on an offer. Instead of saying you extended the deadline, say you gave them the wrong one and that you’re letting 10 more people sign up for your exclusive workshop.

3. Twitterfy it
Make your email like a Twitter post. Include one intriguing sentence and a link. “Our new e-book could change your mind about the value of valuations.”