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Imagine flipping through a catalog — that’s Christine’s brain. With mental notes on everything from architecture to Zoolander, she thrives on assembling the puzzle pieces of your true story — and using it to attract opportunity.

With a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications and over two decades of professional writing experience for media and marketing campaigns, Christine bridges the divide between effective communications and measurable marketing success. She offers:

Media Vision. A media strategist who started her career as a daily business reporter, Christine has followed the progression of media from an institution to a tailored, personal experience. She helps you generate the ideas that earn visibility in traditional media and trade journals. But she can also help you develop content that nurtures leads through your web and social media channels. If you need a targeted marketing strategy for news, speaking, awards, articles, blogs, Tweets, video or what’s next, Christine orchestrates it for the delight of your audience.

Connectivity. Spark those important conversations that close deals. Christine excels at branded messages, training and coaching to help leaders use their strengths to attract the right clients and build their networks. She is a quick study on technical concepts and a studied communicator.

Ducks in a Row. If your marketing or sales strategy feels scattered, let Christine tackle the organization and processes to get things done. With a full-time job, husband, two kids, four pets, volunteering and a passion for travel and music, she has to be organized. She’ll make sure you stay on track and reap the rewards.

Expect a seasoned media and marketing expert with the heart of a poet and the drive of a monster truck.

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St. Cloud State University, Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications

Business journalist, women’s magazine editor, children’s book author

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What is something you do today that would be unrecognizable to you five years ago? I ask clients if they want to connect by video now, and it feels normal.

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? I drew a picture of myself as a glamorous singer when all the other girls drew teachers, moms and nurses.

What makes you laugh? Finding random pennies. They remind me of love and playfulness.

It’s a good day when… I eat right, exercise, help somebody and wind down with my family.

What’s your guilty pleasure? Celebrity gossip. I shouldn’t but I must!

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? Ireland because it’s a wicked road trip and my ancestors are there.

“Developing Your Unique and Competitive Image”SMPS National webinar, August 2018
“Content for Each Buying Stage – from Tire Kickers to Decision Validators”Association for Accounting Marketing Summit May 2018
“Four Competitive Truths That Win Client Loyalty”Minnesota Society of Professional Engineers, October 2017
“The New Normal: Social Selling” with Delene Taylor of DMLO CPAsBKR International Americas Regional
“Be Interesting. The best consultants do it by weaving great stories.”AAM High! Webinar, March 2017
“Content Marketing” with Beth Smith of Cornwell JacksonBKR International Marketing Practice Group telemeeting, January 2017

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